iClone – project proposal

General idea

For a place that gathers millions of people the Web seems a pretty lonely place at times. It would be nice if we can extend browser’s functionality in order all users to interact each other sharing ideas, opinions and information that would make browsing experience more pleasant and productive.

We build on these observations and focus on enhancing the user browsing experience towards a process known as social navigation. Social navigation describes the process where a number of people that share interests searching goals decide to coordinate their efforts. This cooperation and the feeling that more and more users can get benefited from this action is that offer Web the opportunity to “get alive” and creates the concept of a place where all users can communicate (on a informative level). But the most important is that information will be accessible from every user on real time so to get advantage of it. In addition, a mean of communication between users that are on the same place simultaneously to share their experiences should be available.

For the purpose of our idea, we decided to extend one of the most well-known browsers, Mozilla Firefox, which is based on an open-source orientation and can reinforce the wide spread of our application.

System functionality

  • Extend Mozilla Firefox functionality offering means of connection, interaction, communication and sharing of information between users in a synchronous way.
  • Presentation of an intuitive user interface that is able to visualize awareness of others and their actions.

User scenario

Say that a searher tries to find information about computer games and submits queries on his favorite search engine about the subject. Each time he visits a web page that attracts his interest, is added on a set which constitute the user’s profile. This profile can be compared with others of users that are connected on the system and return as result the profiles that have more similarities each other. The system recognizes these users and represents them in understandable way (e.g. a radar) to the searcher so it can be clear simularity level. However, while the search interests alter there is a change on the simularity relationship among the users.

It is clear that the purpose of the system is to present a set of users that are close to the searcher’s interests and which can alter dynamically depending on their decisions through time. It’ll also offer the appropriate means of real time communication in order to take advantage of the direct interaction among the users.


The tools that the system should be offer on a primary base are:

  • Radar

A radar in the real world, that operates on an object x, scans a wide area, measures the distance of other object to x and presents these objects along with their distances from x on a display. In our case, objects are users and distance us a metric of user to user proximity.

iclone radar

The radar metaphor

  • Private chat
  • Chat  (domain based)
  • Sharing bookmarks

The project on which is based the above idea is iClone and is already implemented on a stand-alone application. You can have all the appropriate info about this on the paper at the end. Our purpose it to transfer the whole functionality of this stand-alone application on Firefox so not to stay trapped on the strict bounds of the primary implementation.

iClone stand-alone app



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